Melbourne Events

  1. Hi just wondering if the dancehall classes are still going? if they are could you please let ne know the deatils.
    thank you!

  2. Is there any place in Melbourne, where I can hear Sound system mixing Ragga Dancehall ??? Sorry, I just arrived from overseas, and I have not found a place yet. I am a Reggae/Ragga/Dancehall lover as I grew up in that environment. One of my best is a future Dancehall Star, his nam is Charly B, you can check on internet, and Mi family is Straight Sound, One of the best Sound System at the moment in Europe. You can download their mixes as well on Internet.
    What about Soca, Caraibean Music, Zouk and African vibes, any place as well in town?
    Warm Regards,



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