Stryka D – Heartical Hi Fi – Produced by Story Yard

This is a great lil video about Melbourne’s own Stryka D from Hearticle Hi Fi. Great insight in to the origins of Melbourne’s original Sound system.
Produced by Story Yard aka Basslines coming out of Sydney. check out more of their work at

Stryka D from the Heartical HiFi Outernational sound system, a dub reggae crew making massive sound waves in Melbourne, Australia. Stryka D grew up in 1980’s post punk Liverpool, England, where reggae was the sound track to his life. On a trip to London he found his way to the legendary Notting Hill Carnival and decided then and there that one day he would build his own system. Fast forward to Melbourne, 2014, and his Bassment Sessions event starring his hand crafted sound system is celebrating seven years. The stacks are huge, the sound is large, and the bass is HEAVY. This is Stryka D.

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