SK Simeon – Loving Machine Launch – Melbourne 2013

From SK Simeons EP Launch, hosted by Congo Tardis #1 and Scattermusic at Shebeen Melbourne July 2013.

More about the EP…..


Loving Machine is the story of Melbourne’s Afro Lothario, SK Simeon. His performance on the dancehall stage has won him heads and hearts across the Australian continent, with a delivery style borrowing reggae / dancehall techniques from his native city of Kampala, Uganda. Whether using English or Luganda, the story is a youthful romance between fun lyrics and party vibes.

At the forefront of this release, are the boisterous lyrics and performance styles for which Sk Simeon has become widely known. First up is the title track, which could easily be procured as the music bed for some creative Viagra advertising. Second track in, SK’s tempestuous nature leads to a 180 turn, working with Akimera to duet over a bold dancehall ballad. Rounding out the EP is Nzendi Wakabi, the anthem to which SK steps down onto the Tarmac at Kololo airstrip, on a return trip to Uganda having conquered the music world.

Providing the bedrock for the EP, is Melbourne’s premium tropical production trio: Congo Tardis #1. After witnessing SK Simeon’s performance at the legendary club night “I Love Dancehall”, all conversation’s headed towards a mutual admiration for modern African sounds such as Kwaito, Coupe Decale and Ugandan dancehall. From there on, the collaboration proved instinctive, blending together his signature lyrical style with Congo Tardis #1’s modern club sensibilities, while also integrating guest production work from Melbourne studio guru: Harmon.

The release of this EP from Scattermusic resembles a new vision for the club label, promoting a vocalist forthmost while using their production team as the backbone. The combination of SK, CT#1 and Scattermusic has procured a niche in the Melbourne club sound, yet delivers it globally.


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