OZ DHQ 2016 – VisuaLee

OZ DHQ 2016 – VisuaLee


What is you stage name? My Stage name is VizuaLee And in what year did you win the DHQK title? I won the DHQK 2016 title

Can you describe a bit about the competition the year you won?

The DHQK Competition in 2016 was held at the Royal Melbourne Hotel. The venue was pretty big but got crowded when the competition started. Which means the turnout was great. There were around 12 contestants including the guys. Latonya Style and Killerbean from Supreme Blazers were the Judges for this competition. The whole night had such great vibes and everyone was so positive and supported each other. After the competition everyone got together and danced all night.

Can you describe a little bit about your dance history?

Before I started learning dancehall I was a hip hop dancer. I moved to Melbourne in 2014 and was introduced to dancehall by Cat Pwiti. I attended the True Jamaican Dancehall Camp in 2015 where I truly fell in love with the style because I got to learn about the history and take dance classes from Latonya and Craig (Black Eagle). After that I just took more time into practicing the style and adding my own flavor into it.

Why did you decide to enter the competition? Did you have any initial reservation about entering?

I first entered the 2015 DHQK competition and I loved it so when the 2016 DHQK Competition came around I entered. At first I was a bit hesitant but my friends encouraged me to have another go and just have fun with it.

What sort of preparation did you do in the lead up to the comp?

I definitely practiced a few times before hand. I picked songs that I loved dancing to and came up with themes for each section. I also picked costumes and came up with simple routines to do. DHQK competition is also about freestyling so I practiced freestyling to different songs to help get my confidence up.

Who are some of your dance inspirations ?

Some of my dance inspirations are Dancing rebel from Team Outshine (dancehall dancer). I love the way she dances and how she is able to do both badman style and switch it to the dancehall queen style. And my other dance Inspiration is Cat Pwiti from Burncity Queenz because she is always training hard and pushing herself to improve her dance skills and tricks.

What are you favorite dancehall steps?

My favourite steps right now would be Scorpion Sting by Elite Team, Selfie by Xqlusive Dancers and Watch Di Pumz by Kimiko Versatile.

How have things been for you since winning the competition?

Things have definitely changed. I have been recognized a few times as dancehall queen when out in public. I also got the opportunity to go to Jamaica where I got to learn and meet some of the top dancers there. Even though I didn’t get to do the competition over there it was overall a great experience.

How was dancing in Jamaica? Can you describe for me what the scene is like there, and any stand out memories?
Dancing in Jamaica was incredible! I had the most fun learning and dancing with the dancers. Being around the original dancers made the experience even better because i was there learning from them in real life which is something you don’t get to do everyday. One of my favorite experiences was when some of the boys from Black Eagles and Ed Haadie crew invited us to Bog Walk, which is where they lived. We had a class outside and just danced with each other. It also started raining and it was just fun dancing in the rain.

What advice do you have for people thinking about entering?

My advice would be to go for it and not to be afraid. One thing that you will find is that once you start performing you will be enjoying yourself and you won’t want it to end so fast. You will have the best rush so go for it and don’t be afraid to be yourself. That’s the best part.

What does the future hold for VisuaLee?  Well I definetly want to build my skills in dancehall – DHQ Tricks. I also want to create more dancehall choreography to be performed around Melbourne/Australia by other young people.





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