OZ DHQ 08 – Nadiah NfuZion

OZ DHQ 08 – Nadiah NfuZion

What is you stage name? Nadiah NfuZion And in what year did you win the DHQK title? 2008

Can you describe a bit about the competition the year you won?

It was the third year the Australian DHQ competition was being held across the country by Make It Clap! and Article One Events. After only just a few months since discovering Dancehall, my teacher, Amelia Butler, who introduced me to the style, told me about the Brisbane DHQ competition and encouraged me to participate. It was held at UbAr in West End. The selectors for the night were Riddim Collision Sound, Ras George and Surgeon General Sound (DJ K-Note & Nick Toth) and the judges were Brodie, Lual & Elephant Wise. At the time, I still did not recognise or know a lot of the music and the dances so it was very a foreign experience. Nevertheless, I still took the crown and won the title Brisbane DHQ 2008.

                                                                DJ Nick Toth                                                     DJ  K-Note

I was very overwhelmed for winning because I did not expect it and felt the pressure to do my city proud so with the curiosity and new found love for the energy and vibe that Dancehall made me feel, I started to dive deep into researching about the culture – music, artists, dances, dancers, language, fashion and more! I had about 3 months to prepare so this is when my true journey in Dancehall begun. In the lead up to the competition, I created my costumes and had a friend help me with my mixes. At the time, my stage name was R.A.I.N. – an anagram of the letters of my full name which was painted on one of my costumes.

Nov 15th 2008 was the big day held at The Oxford Art Factory in Sydney. I recall Mikey Glamour and DHQ OZ 2007 Desthy being on the judging panel alongside 1 or 2 others and selector Dwayne (Spin D Music) and DJ Mario dropping the tunes. I was competing against 5 other queens representing Adelaide, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney. After progressing through 3 rounds performing my sets, the final was a freestyle round against the DHQ of Adelaide. 3 months of preparation had gone into this one night, this one moment so I brought everything I had and left it on that stage and in the end took the crown for Australian DHQ 2008.

                                                        DJ K-Note, Mickey Glamour (Nasty Tek SOund), DHQ NfuZion, Judgement, DHQ 07 Desthy

 Can you describe a little bit about your dance history?

I started dancing barely at the age of 8 training in traditional Malay folk dance and Balinese dance for about 3 years. After that, throughout high school, I explored and developed my personal movement, connection and reason for dance (as I was faced with many personal life challenges so dance became my healing). It was only upon graduating did I decide to look into returning to a dance school so for 7 months before moving back to Australia, I completed an intensive performing arts course where I was trained in ballet, jazz, tap and more at the Celestar Studio of Performing Arts.

I relocated to Brisbane in 2005 to pursue further studies and explore the options of taking dance to a more professional level. It was only in 2006 when I discovered Mad Dance House and 2 years later, I was introduced to Dancehall. My fire and passion for dance grew stronger every year while I was studying so after graduating at the end of 2009, I finally decided to dedicate and push my career in dance professionally. I undertook another full time course for 1 year with RAW Dance Company where I was trained in a wide range of styles.

As a result of my training and deep passion for dance on a whole, my movement has no boundaries and crosses many if not all genres of dance. However, due to my cultural heritage, naturally, my soul really does come to life and connect with any music created with sounds and rhythms from the African diaspora. I believe this is why Dancehall spoke to me the way it did when I first heard it 9 years ago.

 Why did you decide to enter the competition? Did you have any initial reservation about entering?

Purely because Dancehall was so new to my ears and my body. It was exciting, exhilarating and foreign yet familiar so I wanted to do everything and anything that involved it plus my teacher really encouraged me to enter.

 Who are some of your dance inspirations?

hmmm…it’s always changing depending on what I’m feeling at the time but in Dancehall, it would have to be father Bogle, Rudey Legacy, Patroy Blackeagle, JR Blackeagle, Nick Blackeagle, Craig Blackeagle, Killer bean, Chin Overload, Dancing Rebel, DHQ Latesha, Blacka Di Danca, Slip Danca, Sir Ledgen, Lil Gbb, Camron One Shot, Global Bob…

Other dance inspirations include (but not limited to) Pacman, Laure Courtellemont, Brooklyn Terry, Sekou, Storyboardp, Sonia Soupha, Tony Mcgregor, Babson, Nadeeya, Allaune, Daniel Cloud, Tony Tzar, Eric Negron, Firelock, Princess Lockeroo and many many more!

 What are you favorite dancehall steps?
Too many to mention but Bogle along with many other old school steps will be favourites forever because they are timeless and can be danced alone or with everyone at the party 🙂

How have things been for you since winning the competition?

Wow! What a loaded question but in a nutshell, since winning the competition, my passion and love for Dancehall has become my identity to many dancers and fans around the world. I am now blessed to be the first and only Australian currently sharing my creative vision of Dancehall not only throughout Australia but on a global scale in the form of workshops, competitions, choreography, live performances and more! I’ve also represented Australia at the 2015 IDHQ competition alongside Kitty Cat and Twinkle T and also competed in the 2015 Boom Badda Dan clash in Jamaica.

What advise do you have for people thinking about entering?

The special thing about the DHQK competition is that there is no such thing as “too much” hah! In fact, the more outrageous and entertaining, the better! It really embraces and encourages you to show who YOU are and bring your wildest character to life so it’s really the space you can truly stand up and be proud of all that you are! Having said all that, here’s a word of advise about this competition, if you are not the strongest dancer, that’s totally fine because it isn’t just about the dance. It’s also about how you captivate and keep the audience entertained, having fun, creativity, performance and just LIVING on that stage!

What projects are you working on at the moment and what does the future hold for DHQ NFUZION?

I’ve always been a dreamer but also a dream catcher 😉 I’m constantly reaching for higher highs, seeking inspiration, knowledge, growth and refining my movement so my current “project” is everything Paris and Europe has to offer me in these ways and what I can impart in return. There are a few major projects to be announced so follow me on social media and you’ll find out.


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