Latonya Style – A – Z Authentic Dancehall moves – 2015 edition

Latonya Style demonstrating JAMAICAN DANCEHALL MOVES, representing each letter of the alphabet (2015 Edition) as part of True Jamaica Dancehall Tour, Australia.
ABCs for Old Skool to Middle Skool Dancehall
Location: Melbourne, Australia

A – Air Force One
B – Bad Man Forward
C – Cut Dem Off
D – Dip Again
E – Elbow Dem
F – Foot Loose
G – Gangalee
H – Hop Di Ferry
I – Iverson Bum
J – Jerry Springer
K – Killer Cross
L – Look outta Road
M – Mavado Rock
N – Nineties Rock
O – Overboard
P- Punk Rock
Q – Quality
R – Rubba Bounce
S – Shovel It
T – Top Speed
U – Up & Live
V – Versatile
W – Warm Up
X – X-Rated
Y – You Go Away
Z – Zagga Zow

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Produced by Kimberly Summer

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