Di Apprentice – tribute

Big thanks to all the performers who made it down to I Love dancehall on Friday night, to be a part of the Tribute for Di Apprentice. I wasn’t sure how running a tribute would work on a club night, but the vibes were perfect.

Thanks to Faceiz for putting it together, and to Sista Itations and Pauly Fatlace for holding down the night. Also big ups to Zare Demus, for stepping in to run the music. Dancehall family…a million thanks


We will upload more video at some point.

All the artists who performed were linked to KD in some way, wether that was his OG Dark Spaid crew, artists he worked with through Yard House, Zim artists and dancehall peers. Not everyone could make it on the night, and ill post up a shout out from King Ru, who wanted to be involved, but was busy. It seems like there were lots of connects made on the night, and lots of inspiration for future events. Di Apprentice bringing people together and inspiring them even in death. Its a month today since his passing, and although life goes on, it will never be OK. Take care of each other out there, and take care of your selves..

Here are web links for the artists who performed.

Alex Jones – https://soundcloud.com/alex-jones-bte

Chico – http://www.chicojohnsonmusic.com

Daniel E – https://www.facebook.com/Danieleliamusic/

Faceiz – https://soundcloud.com/faceiz

Fraksha – https://www.facebook.com/FRAKSHA/

Golder Eagle – https://www.facebook.com/dark.spaid

John Junior – https://www.facebook.com/J0hnJrMusic


Slicker 1 – https://www.facebook.com/slicker1tmb/

Presyse Riff – https://www.facebook.com/McRiffRaph?fref=ts

Quashani Bahd – https://www.facebook.com/Quashani-Bahd-158600745139/?fref=ts

All profit from the night is going towards funding the True Jamaican Dancehall tour.

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