Calling all producers…this AWESOME project is in need of royalty free beats!

United Struggle is a project that goes in to refugee camps, war zones, and areas effected by war, to take beats and recording equipment to record tracks and make videos with artists  caught up in those situations. They are always on the look out for royalty free beats to take with them, so if you have a bunch of unused riddims sitting in your hard drive or what ever…get in touch with them…because they would be much appreciated. They have worked within communities in Palestine, Afghanistan, Africa, Cambodia, and Australia.

Contact them at

1. Record music and make music video clips addressing issues faced by displaced people with artists in affected areas, displaced by war, colonization, development, poverty and environmental issues.

2. Create collaborative songs with representative artists from each place.

3. Create a forum for displaced people to express their stories through music and video and documentary making.

4. Create networks to unite struggles and create links amongst artists globally

5. To target racism in the broader international community with music.


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