Australia’s FIRST Dancehall King – Alexx Mubanga

The inaugural Australian Dancehall King competition was won by Alexx Down Under aka Alexx Mubanga. This inspiring and passionate dancer/choreographer/teacher/creative director who hails from Perth via Zambia, took some time out of his busy creative life to answer some questions for us…first up:

What is you stage name? Alexx Mubanga And in what year did you win the DHQK title?
in the year 2015

Can you describe a bit about the competition the year you won?
This was the first Dancehall King and Queen competition and it was a very well organised event. It was held in Melbourne,  the crowd was supportive and enthusiastic, there was about 4 competitors for the dancehall king and it was a friendly atmosphere. The judges for the night were Latonya Style, Dance instructor/ambassador & CEO of Dance Jamaica or otherwise known as DANCEJA along with Craig Williams from the Black Eagles crew all the way from Kingston Jamaica. The DJ and selector was our very own SO FIRE who kept us dancing through the night till 5am with the latest Dancehall and reggae tunes at the time.

Australian Dancehall Queen and King winners Alexx Mubanga and Twinke T with Judges – Latonya Style and Craig Black Eagle

Can you describe a little bit about your dance history?
I started Dancing when i was about 10 years old, and was introduced to dancehall music when i was in primary school and started dancing to this style. I always like mentioning a few artist that i was highly influenced by who possibly inspired my style of dance, SHABBA RANKS, MR VEGAS, SISTER NANCY, CUTTY RANKS, CHAKA DEMUS AND PLIERS, SUPER CAT, SEAN PAUL and so on.

Why did you decide to enter the competition? Did you have any initial reservation about entering?
I decided to enter the competition purely out of the fun of it, i am not a competitive person but i thought to give it a try for the first time in Australia.

What sort of preparation did you do in the lead up to the comp?
I didn’t train or do much preparation because i wanted to challenge myself and not have anything choreographed and just do a freestyle and have less pressure.

Who are some of your dance inspirations ?
My dance inspiration in Dancehall are the Supreme blazers from Jamaica simply because i can relate so much with their dance style.

Alexx dancing with Killa Bean from The Supreme Blazers.

What are you favorite dancehall steps?
My favorite dance step is The Season recently created by myself while i was in Zambia, Rubidoo by Supreme blazers, Hot Rice by Overmars, Nah Linga by Ravers Clevers, wave and buss by Supreme Blazers, Dizzy Gun by Supreme blazers and Kopala Stepp by Myself.

How have things been for you since winning the competition?
Its been a great achievement knowing that it was the first ever Dancehall King in Australia.

What advice do you have for people thinking about entering?
My advice would be not to think highly of yourself or underestimate your fellow competitors. When preparing, your main focus is to have fun and interact with the crowd, create the good vibes in your movement and most important be confident.

What are you working on currently? What does the future hold for Alexx Mubanga?

At the moment I have been working on inspiring and speaking in the lives of young people in Africa using dance as a tool. I am now at the end of this journey and yet to find out what Perth has for me in 2017.

The future umm honestly I do not know, I also can’t wait to see this year unfold, looking forward to doing more dance projects in Australia and definitely looking into touring around Australia holding dance workshops and enjoy dancing with everyone, I feel ready & more experienced than ever.


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